Ordering and Shipping Pet Portraits in Europe Just Became Easier!

by | Sep 14, 2017 | News

It’s Now Even Easier to Ship Pet Portraits in Europe

Who doesn’t love Europe? And if you love Europe and pets, you’re definitely in the right place! It’s no surprise to us here at Fur Family Portraits that many of our customers live in Europe. If that’s you, then you and your fur family can really rejoice because now we can fulfill and ship from within Europe. We’ve always been able to ship to Europe, but the fulfillment of our products has primarily been based in the United States. This meant that pet portraits were also shipped from the US. And we all know what that times – longer shipping times and higher shipping cost.

Cue the celebratory barks of European dogs out on their balconies!

What’s So Great About Shipping Pet Portraits in Europe?

Now that we can fulfill custom pet portraits for you from a location in Europe, the shipping times are quicker and the shipping costs lower. Best of all, there’s no customs fees and processing.

While Fur Family Portraits is an American-based company, we love to travel a lot. We even live abroad, as dual citizens of the EU and the US, based in a lovely beach town on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain. So we’re big fans of Europe ourselves and are thrilled that we can now offer even more opportunities for those of you living in Europe to order your custom pet portraits from Fur Family Portraits.

What’s the Details About Shipping Pet Portraits in Europe?

Right now we have one type of our pet portraits available to order within Europe. That’s our Enhanced Matte Paper Poster options (not framed). When you put your shipping address in at checkout, the system will automatically know what to do and you don’t have to do anything else.

If you’re shipping to Europe, you can of course still order any of our pet portraits and have it fufilled and shipped from within the US as usual. Remember, you can choose to have your pet portraits done on framed posters (Enhanced or Premium photo paper) and canvas.

What We Print On

At Fur Family Portraits, we print your custom pet portrait on only the best materials, giving the options of Canvas, two different types of poster photo paper, and framed posters. There’s even more exciting accessories we can print on, that will be coming soon.


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