Yep. We’re that couple…you know, the couple that doesn’t have pets, so is even more obsessed with pets. And boy, do we have a favorite. Everywhere we go, we spot them coming from a mile away – our favorite kind of dog is none other than the popular dog breed, West Highland Terrier.

Even now as Amalia writes this, she’s thinking of the Westie she just saw from our front window. He was walking with his can-opener (aka, owner), along the boardwalk on the beach in front of us. That spring tail and bright, fresh white can be spotted by us almost anywhere! Our friends and family know, there’s hardly a day that goes by that we don’t exclaim with delight, “There’s a Westie!“.

The Popular Dog Breed, West Highland Terrier

Do you know any Westies? For those who do, and especially those who have one, it’s a known fact that they think pretty darn well of themselves. Can you blame them!?! They know us humans love them and they’re cool with that. We’ve noticed among the Westies we’ve met (and Eric has had one before, years back), that most of the time they prefer the company of humans to other dogs. It’s like they’re a minature human in a dog’s body.

What personality they have. The males can be a bit more on the defensive and the girls more welcoming, yet this isn’t a die-hard generalization, as such is the case for any dog breed.

Top 10 Reasons Why Westies are a Popular Dog Breed

Most of the reasons for Westies being such a popular dog breed are the same reasons why we’re so obsessed with them. How wonderful are Westies? Let us count the top 10 ways…

  1. Optimal size; a bit on the smaller size sometimes but not minature.
  2. They’re great at traveling, with a good disposition for it and, as just mentioned, a great ‘travel size’.
  3. They shed relatively little and are easy to groom.
  4. Known to be super loyal and affectionate; quite social.
  5. Does well living indoors, even in smaller homes like an apartment.
  6. Likes the outdoors, although not the kind of dog to live outside.
  7. Gets along with other dogs even though they may seem aloof since they’re more interested in what’s in it for themselves.
  8. Very smart, alert, and able to be well-trained.
  9. Great at chasing vermin, which is what they were bred for way back in the day; it’s their hunting instincts.
  10. Just so freak’in adorable! We mean, look at that face – from puppy-stage to older dog, they just get cuter and cuter.

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What’s Your Favorite Kind of Dog?

We think all dogs are great, really. And cats too. There’s something about animals that us humans really connect with. Have you ever heard the saying about how pet owners and their pets start to resemble each other…(or was that about human couples…?)…There’s gotta be something to that.

What’s your favorite kind of dog, be it a popular dog breed or maybe you’re into cats? We bet it has a lot of things to say (only good of course) about the kind of humans we are too.

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