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Are you an animal rescue or organization who loves animals? Become an affiliate and receive 20% of any sales made by your referrals to us. Another great way to FURther the love!
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How It Works

Once you register and are approved, you will receive your custom referral link. This is what you can share your followers, employees, and customers / clients.

Encourage them to shop at Fur Family Portraits as a way of giving back to your organization and the animals we love. To help you do this, we provide graphics and recommended verbiage that you can use.

Why not just donate?

We considered making donations to animal rescues and organizations who protect and love animals. Yet by having an affiliate program, we can give back to any of you who are FURthering the love for animals and in an ongoing basis. If there are causes you want us to consider donating to, please contact us and we will consider partnering if we can. Thank you!

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